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"They Will Be Free" : On View @ The Marietta Cobb Museum of Art

The "They Will Be Free" painting at Marietta had to have a seemingly fascicle pop papeleta nature. I must say is a direct shout out to Sister Corita Kent's philosophy of educating the public through art. The Nicaraguan crisis faces a challenge of attention in the US, when people in the public still think it's a country far away from them in the African continent. It was never meant to be praiseworthy, but effective and affective. With the artist present to greet them, people feel compelled to look up the words on the painting. I got confirmation that it worked when a couple patrons at the show said to me. "I just looked it up on my phone. I had no idea." Always happy to sacrifice "Fortuna Critica." It's nothing when other Nicaraguans sacrifice life or freedom.

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