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Suggested Reading for a Wounded Boy & Vulnerable Warrior

In my mid twenties I began making art quite freely and naively. Like a child, I guess. Soon enough it became expressive of emotions and abstract. The process became an outlet for sorting out emotions, memories and coping with depression and mental discomfort. As I continued, Art made me brave enough to go deeper in the wound and continue to uncover my story.

Most recently my life in art has taken a turn into a life for healing a wounded boy. It’s not an easy task, it’s one that can be both enjoyable and terrifying. I’ve always gone deep with my work and addressed my emotional variants; never minding cohesion, aesthetic, or style. It’s always been from the gut and edit later; but now it’s different.

The work itself and my journey are asking me to be more candid, and the man in fear of showing vulnerability, must allow this wounded boy to speak, to be whole.

As I continue this journey which now feels uncertain and magical, I can’t help to think of authors who took my other hand and encouraged me to continue, to move forward despite fear and my own resistance. There’s so much I could say about them and their life-changing books. I’ll just say, “Thank you!” and share them with any man with a wounded boy inside, who is looking to grow and take the heroic journey into healing and finding themselves and their inner warrior.

***This is not in the order I have read them and I will be adding more to the post as I remember or read others.

John Bradshaw

Robert Bly

Lucia Capacchione

Thich Nhat Hanh

Sam Keen

Terrence Real

Kent Nerburn

You can also find talks by these authors and other great ones at this Youtube Channel:

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