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The Priest: Informing Spirit

The shadow of the priest represents rejection of authority, persecution, cruelty. Living in renunciation, abstinence, prudishness, and asexuality, while concealing sexual excess or addiction. It practices meaningless ritual, rigid beliefs, and harsh puritan conscience. It’s dogma is fundamentalist and that of a religious fanatic.

Once you recognize and transcend this aspect of your shadow, your creative practice becomes a form of priesthood, in which you turn to the spirit and dream world for information to define your own meaning of life. You finally live in the NOW, and you only look to the past for lessons of the ancient, to explore tradition, emotional healing, and forgiveness.

You’re not only a storehouse and creator of culture for society, but you’re also now a gateway of teaching, knowledge, advice, and mentorship, for those who seek meaning, the philosophy of life or an alternative spiritual path. Your work now challenges distorted ethics and morality.

You’re here to heal the world and point to a new path. As a creative therapist and shaman, the tools you work with are your dreams, symbols, ceremony, and tradition. Research everything that interests you. Listen so that you’ll know.

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