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The Dreamer. Visualizing A Different World

As the dreamer archetype you are closely related to the creator archetype. You must now bring your world to this world that has made you feel as if detached from reality, because your dreams challenge its rules and conventions.Your struggle to fit into the structure of societies and organizations, may have disappointed you, but it's now the motivator to bring into reality the much needed new consciousness that's found in the imaginary world you've retreated into to escape.

You can envision the future as it might be, you dream big and must now focus on ways to make those dreams happen. Don't just imagine the possibilities that others cannot, make them happen with the tools and gifts you've acquired. Dare to ask ‘What if? ' in every challenge or crossroad. Remain positive, embrace living in your own world, daydreamers lost in their own imagination or ethereal realm are the ones that have shaped this world and culture. You are capable of existing in your imaginary world, dreaming up possibilities and concepts to offer to your human family. Your daydreaming and thinking are not self indulgent play or frivolous. Nurture and grow your dreams. Dream, to solve problems, to strategize, plan, create and to conceptualize. Don't be afraid to dream out loud; you may awaken others to dream along.

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