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Franck De Las Mercedes Named One Of "15 Artists About to Dominate 2015" By Complex

"Last November, Christie's auction house in New York grossed the highest amount ever for a contemporary auction—$852.9 million across 75 lots. 319,000 people visited the Jeff Koons retrospective at the Whitney before the museum closed its doors to move to its new home in New York's Meatpacking District. Another 110,000 visited the Serpentine Galleries in London to hang out with Marina Abramovic as she spent 512 hours in the gallery. Miley Cyrus and André 3000 jumped on the art band wagon at Art Basel Miami Beach last month; she brought her "Dirty Hippie" exhibition at the Raleigh Hotel with a performance while he exhibited the jumpsuits he had worn on the Outkast Festival Tour. But what’s next? What will get the art hacks and celebrity commentators tongues wagging this year? How can you get a piece of the multi-billion dollar industry that is the art world? Here are our picks of 15 Artists About to Dominate 2015." Holly Howe - COMPLEX

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