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“The soul, as a universal archetype, is the foundation of all human experience.” -- James Hillman

The Warrior

This tough and brave archetype supports us in setting and achieving objectives, overcoming challenges, and persevering through trying times. The Warrior has a straightforward approach to life and only seek to triumph over all challenges that stand in their way, including their inner dragons and an underlying fear of weakness. Their task is to give their actions purpose, to confront conflicts carefully, which they accomplish with bravery and the discipline of a warrior. A warrior can rise to the occasion and conquer any obstacles. They are inherently focused, driven, and achievement-oriented; they take pleasure in projecting a winning attitude and frequently inspire others to reach their objectives.

The Teacher

An enthusiasm for imparting knowledge to others, makes a commitment to lifelong learning, and a devotion to one's own personal growth. The Teacher archetype personifies knowledge's enormous influence and ability to transform. Through active engagement with a group or  audience, hypothesis testing, and fostering a supportive community, educators enable individuals to become self-directed learners and discover their own route to enlightenment.    

The Scribe

The Scribe is meticulous and methodical; her code is clear and well-organized; she has thoroughly read the handbook and is able to articulate the meaning of each line. Scribes tend to conduct extensive research before making any decisions and won't write any code until they are certain that they understand what’s at hand. The scribe is not meant to give you advice. It serves as your own fact checker and is dedicated to giving you accurate data. The scribe requires evidence before making decisions or moving forward.

The Elder

The Elder archetype is a timeless figure representing the pinnacle of a lifetime's acquired knowledge and wisdom. They represent the heart and record of the human experience. This archetype is a leading force that exudes serenity, authority, and spiritual depth while providing mentorship and wisdom to those who approach. The Elder archetype's influence in our lives gives us the wisdom we need to overcome obstacles in life and comprehend the intricacies of both our inner and outer worlds.

The King

The King archetype is an individual's internal voice of reason; it is the aspect of the mind that sustains mental stability and equilibrium. When faced with stressful circumstances, a person with a healthy King aspect can remain composed and self-assured and make wise decisions. A good  King integrates other facets of personality and taps into other archetypes when needed. King works with inner Magician and Warrior and brings them to the forefront when it's time to stop thinking and start acting.

The Storyteller

The Storyteller archetype speaks to something ingrained in our human nature. That part of us that is ageless, timeless, and essential to our spiritual survival. They have the capacity to interact with every archetype, listen to their stories, and then share them with the outer world. The storyteller archetype is centered on telling tales to a global audience. The stories of people in their surroundings or from within, become an account of the civilization they live in. This archetype can weave the stories that connect the magical and the mundane. They possess a special power that enables them to engross their audience and take them to realms of collective introspection, or make their own distinction between fact and fiction.

The Leader

A leader is someone who wears multiple hats, no matter the field ther’re in.  A strategist, innovator, builder, coach, change-catalyst, transactor, processor, and communicator. These archetypes serve as the model of several philosophies in intricate organizational settings. They take responsibility as proactive decision-makers and are frequently consulted by other characters for direction and counsel. The leader speaks up for the disadvantaged, following moral convictions, even if doing so offends the majority. The leader archetype unites people toward a single objective.    

The Caregiver

Serving others does not equate to servitude. A leader who is unselfish is a servant, motivated by a desire to make a positive impact on those around them. Extremely selfless, modest, and giving to the point of martyrdom, giving oneself to help others. To be a caregiver, one must reject selfishness and establish balance in their life. They bring a good attitude of service and a readiness to form personal, spiritual, or emotional relationships with the individuals they assist.  The servant is a part of our psychology that calls for us to give of ourselves to others for the good of our own self and community.

The Mother

The mother is not the stereotypical helpless damsel. It's not always represented by a female or a childbearing woman. We all posses this powerful energy that is frequently ignored, and our  own connection to the natural and the supernatural. Whether it is a child, a group, a location, a project, or an idea, a mother's first priority is always to safeguard and take care of the object of their affection. They aim to see that life flourish and be there to defend it with unwavering devotion. She loves nature for she is also nature. As with a child, the mother nurtures all she loves. Any human can adopt the mother archetype, regardless of gender or mythological creature depicted, as long as they wish to become a primary nurturer or caring figure.

The Child

The Child archetype, is one of the fundamental figures of the Collective Unconscious, according to Jungian psychology. A representation of change and hope. Once a blank canvas, a mold shaped by life, but present in all of us. This is the mythological and depth-psychological representation of the Divine Child. The child archetype represents the evolving personality. The concept of a "childish to childlike longing for innocence, regardless of age" is found in all adult humans, and it can take many different forms. Some of the sub-archetypes of this concept include "wounded child," "abandoned or orphan child," "dependent child," "magical/innocent child," "nature child," "divine child," and "eternal child." We need to care for this paradigm and, if necessary, make amends with our child. It could change this child's life in a way that leads to our  success and wholeness.

The Healer

The Healer has been a part of human civilization from the earliest ancient human societies to the present. Being harmed, wounded, or injured—whether it be physically, emotionally, or spiritually—is a part of our human experience. But there has always been someone who has the ability to heal the wounded. This archetype has faced unexpected challenges and knows struggle first hand. You can identify with the healer archetype as an intuitive healer, a wounded healer, a caregiver, a nurse, or a therapist. Discovering your inner healer can help identify the root causes and cope by finding your courage.

The Enthusiast

He is a catalyst and a powerful influencer who captivates audiences, motivates action, and highlights beauty through music, art, and culture. His talent,  skills, and presence have an impact on many. They usually manage multiple talents, occupations, or jobs at once. Quick-witted and capable of picking up new skills easily, the enthusiast usually exudes happiness and optimism, displays childlike zest for living, and views life as a gift. They are kind, giving, gregarious, compassionate, and enjoyable. They have a strong desire to be happy and a dread of being limited. Their energy and upbeat attitude on life make them a great addition to their generation.

The Architect

Enjoy working in the real world and are analytical thinkers. Their capacity to think critically and apply what they know to practical tasks, such as working with their hands, is a reflection of their multifaceted character. They love solving challenging puzzles and relish unorthodox intellectual challenges. The Architect is a naturally curious, perceptive, and analytical person. In addition, they are practical, hands-on, and usually prefer the freedom to work independently and at their own pace.

The Sage

The seeker of knowledge, wisdom, and the truth. The sage tries to comprehend the world and its complexities by deeply reflecting on himself and herself. They are inherently perceptive, wise, and clever; they inspire others to pursue the truth by exemplifying the importance of careful examination and inquiry. They are usually motivated and challenged by circumstances and issues that require understanding. Though the sage is aware that other archetypes must eventually finish their adventure on their own, the sage archetype's function is to offer knowledge or guidance and occasionally assistance to the other archetypes.

The Maiden

The Maiden Archetype, carries with her a natural innocence, and unspoiled willingness to learn and  grow. She possesses a strong desire to connect with others, do what is right and appreciate harmony and  joys of life. She is very feminine with childlike qualities, often embodied by women at the beginning of their lives. She is highly sensitive and at times vey easily influenced, if not connected to her protective archetypes. The maiden archetype can also be present in mature women who have found their personal strengths but decide to keep a heart-melting sweetness.

The Goddess

Despite being portrayed in various forms and contexts within society. The role of the god/goddess is to guide our souls to totally commit to something or someone. We invite you to -Become who you are and become everything that you are- because we are seeking the absolute. assisting you on your quest to understand who you are. She serves as a reminder that you still have more to know, accept, and appreciate about yourself. She stands for your path to psychological completeness, which will lead to the integration of your opposites: the one and the many, the conscious and unconscious, the good and the bad, the masculine and feminine, the small self and the Big Self, and so on. The real self that everyone of us possesses is the god/goddess, and it is up to us to find or accept it.

The Musician

Though also an artist and sharing some of the same attributes, the musical archetype is highly cognitive and frequently a disciplined archetype. They thrive on rhythm, and audible motifs that are generative and recurring. They are highly aware of their own body and rhythm, and their overlapping use of psychic and cognitive abilities. Their intellect plays a role in their decision-making. Making music embodies archetypal behavior; the musician archetype can be audible but not necessarily visible. They are the outer world's alchemists and catalysts of movements, emotions, and eras. They possess the ability to seize and preserve particular moments in time.

The Messenger

The messenger archetype, is often associated with Hermes and Mercury. He functions as a conduit for information and communication between two realms. The archetype can be understood as a mentor or mediator between the conscious and unconscious parts of the self. It symbolizes the traits of wit, intelligence, and resourcefulness. The archetype stands for the soul's journey through the various phases of life and the psyche's self-transforming ability. As the bearer of both bad and good news, this archetype is highly misunderstood, feared and avoided. But an integral part of balancing and understanding human existence.

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