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Traditional Traumata : On View @ The Marietta Cobb Museum of Art

As a preschooler, I didn't understand what some of the words attributed to me meant. They were words that branded my psyche and that for long negatively defined my personality and behavior. Art allowed me to examine them as scripted wounds, and empowered me to transform them into traits of my creative spirit. My quest in artmaking has led to a turning point in which I've been challenged to address my childhood and rearing. The aim was to depict the emotional and not necessarily using Nicaragua inspired imagery or historic events as reference. But soon I began to discover how the sociopolitical, historic, religious and class system had been deeply rooted in the families I was born into. Mine wasn’t the cherished Charlie Brown childhood I saw on TV when I came to the US, and soon I realized that unless I examined all of it, I’d remain stuck in an 11-year period/time capsule, like a Nicaraguan Peter Pan in a despotic, war-torn never-land. The work, though colorful and even hopeful, is not only a celebration of my own history, but perhaps also an indictment.

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