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Remembering The Plank: 8 Years After the Fire

This month marks 8 years since a five alarm fire destroyed my old home-studio,The Plank, destroying most of my life's work. Since then, I have learned great lessons that have transformed me as a person and artist; I have continued to focus on the things I didn't lose, the new experiences and people in my life, and the dreams and goals that have become reality for me as an artist. I'm still standing, growing and thriving, and though I can't replace the art lost, I'm still making art. It's good to be alive and my attitude continues to be of gratitude. This month I chose to focus on the magic made there and the exciting things ahead.

Honoring the lost original works, we've been working with a with a printer who will be handling and distributing digital prints of selected works created before the fire. I will no longer be printing out of my studio in order to focus on upcoming projects and shows. I have also retired works made before 2020 until further notice,

in order to bring my new series of works forward. More details to follow about all of this.

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