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"COMMON VIEWS" Art Exhibit @ Borough President of Manhattan's

New York, NY -- The Maggi Peyton Art Gallery at the Borough President of Manhattan's Office is Proud to Present "COMMON VIEWS", An Art Exhibit Curated by Alexis Mendoza

May 3rd - May 30th, 2018 Opening Reception: Thursday May 3rd / 6:00 - 8:00 pm

EXHIBITING ARTISTS Daniel Hauben Dolores Fultado Franck de las Mercedes Frank Guiller Linda Cunningham Nelson Álvarez Valeri Larko Maggi Peyton Art Gallery Office of Manhattan Borough President Gale A. Brewer David Dinkins Municipal Building 1 Centre Street, 19th Floor South New York, NY 10007 Common Views The documentation of city changes and the domestic life has always fascinated artists for generations in the past. From the moment cities start shaping artists often depicted the physical and social realities, as well as the potential emotional disconnect, that can accompany urban density. In recent decades, artistic focus shifted to the ramifications of climate change, localism, relocation and globalization. The exhibition explores our city, New York’s urban representations “Common Views”, encourage audiences to think about urbanism in a larger context and coincides with collective efforts to enliven and transform our way of living. These efforts and research stand at the center of “Common Views”, an exhibition that brings together artists/New Yorkers from a variety of disciplines and had seen all the transformations. Nelson Álvarez, Franck de las Mercedes, Linda Cunningham, Daniel Hauben, Valeri Larko, Frank Guiller and Dolores Fultado attempt to decodifide the architectural point of view and the visuality it produces by manipulating the social images and creating new mapping systems in a search for civilian-oriented visual and political imagery. The exhibition explores the new visual strategies generated by the view the city, any city from inside, from above and from within. It underscores the empowering potential of civilian action while questioning the very notion of “democratization.” The exhibition offers alternative strategies for engaging with and obtaining information about local socio-political distribution and the varies ways in the witch the city is changing. --Alexis Mendoza, Curator AMCP

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