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Closing of SFH Pianos with composer Gustavo Casenave

The parade of painted pianos on the streets came to an end. It was one of the most rewarding and creatively enriching experiences in my life as an artist. On the last day we received a surprise by Multiple Grammy Nominee, Steinway Artist, ACE Awardee, pianist and composer Gustavo Casenave, who dropped by my Sing for Hope piano at Inwood Hill Park for a performance. Check it out!

After their time on the streets, all of the Sing for Hope Pianos go to under-resourced NYC public schools, bringing the joy of music to 15,000 school children. Now SFH takes on the monumental task of repairing and rehabbing 50 pianos for their new school homes, ensuring that the pianos arrive to their new homes in tip-top shape.  But they need our help. Please show them some love with your support to continue bringing art and music to all by checking out their crowdfunding campaign.

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