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Art on the Avenue NYC Presents "Uptown Arquetípico" by Franck de las Mercedes

Art on the Avenue NYC Presents "Uptown Arquetípico" 

A New Series of Works by Painter Franck de las Mercedes


New York-- Renowned psychologist and archetypal author James Hillman says “The soul, as a universal archetype, is the foundation of all human experience.” According to Hillman, the soul is the actual substance of our existence rather than just a component of us. Our soul ties us to our emotions, passions, and innermost desires, which is how we experience life in all its complexity.


In this series of new works, painted during his residency at Art on the Avenue, in the neighborhood of Inwood, NYC, Franck de las Mercedes asks us to rediscover the soul of the archetypal. Franck paints people who are connected to or live in upper Manhattan and presents them as mythological icons. Each subject is given an archetypal role based on their life narrative, occupation or calling.


"Uptown Arquetipico' is a contemplative series designed to help viewers relate to common archetypes as a starting point for discovering their own soul archetype, overcome the obstacles of a fast-paced life, and enjoy their own meaning and purpose in it." Says FdlM

Dates: May 4 - 5, 2024 

Open to the public from 12-8 pm

Opening Reception: Saturday, May 4, 2024

6pm - 8 pm

Location: 4791 Broadway New York, NY 10034

The exhibit will be on view on the 4th and 5th of May, with a special "Coquito Icee" reception for children May 4th @ 2-3 PM. 

And an opening reception at 6 PM on May 4th.   


About FdlM:

Influenced by abstract expressionism, pop art, rock carvings, and Nicaraguan primitivism, Franck has pioneered a style he defines as "Popstract Expressionism." De las Mercedes gained international acclaim for his conceptual art project, "The Priority Boxes," sometimes referred to as "Peace Boxes." Created as an effort to promote peace through participatory postal art, the artist sent painted empty boxes labeled "Contains Peace" to recipients all over the world, for free. FdlM has been the focus of numerous prominent TV, print and online articles, won important accolades for his community service through art, and has taken part in multiple international museum, gallery, fair and public exhibitions. His works hang in public institutions and private collections.


About Art on the Ave NYC:

ART ON THE AVE NYC is a community-based non-profit organization founded by school teachers in the summer of 2020. We are dedicated to the elevation of local artists and the revitalization of neighborhoods. Art on the Ave uses both vacant storefronts and existing businesses to create street-facing exhibitions for all to enjoy.

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