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About The Work: Planet Venus

Exploring concepts in Tarot and my own culture to create a work as a reading to the creative spirit. Planet Venus – Manifest Your Divine Nature. You’ve gone through a period of transformation that has prepared you to claim your kingdom and create your own universe. Like Quetzalcoatl you’ve gone through the flames to emerge as Venus, the planet of love. Behind are the episodes of self-punishment, self‐hatred, and repentance. Now you have open access to your Great Spirit, Your God or Goddess; and you must claim your birthright as a Creator. Use your spiritual intuition now that your soul is in tune with your entire body. You bring new life to anything you create or work on because you understand the symbolic realm and can find deep meaning behind mundane situations. You are light: making sense of abstract concepts into everyday life for the benefit of your society and culture. You dive into your practices and life is now your lab. Your medium is the higher and lower, matter and spirit combined. Your mission is to work in the union of opposites for peace and understanding. Your life is a reminder to others that life is not meaningless.

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