Chalk About It #schoolchalk 2015

Using chalk as a way of communication, expression, and student/teacher support. Teachers were asked to take their students out into the sidewalk or schoolyard and have them anonymously free-write or write their feelings on the cement with chalk. From dreams and aspirations, to concerns and emotions kids wrote and left their message for other peers to read and interact with. Even negative feelings and silly messages were allowed to create an immediate and direct outlet to channel and release feelings, exploring how the experiment affects school-life after exercised. This while creating a huge work of art of connection common ground, interconnected feelings, and ideas.


”The #schoolchalk project will fill a void in education. As it stands, student’s social-emotional needs are rarely met and this is a great start. Working with middle schoolers, I see the need for a safe place for self-expression and I'm sure this project will help all grades. Sidewalks around the school are a good idea as it reminds those in the neighborhood how essential schools are and the creative minds that are housed inside.” 
Crystal Alexander-Thomas M.S.Ed TESOL (K-12)