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Curated by Carlos Solis, Something to Declare is a group exhibition featuring over twenty Latin-American artists from across the eastern United States. The exhibition aims to discuss and analyze some of the conditions and circumstances relevant to the artists’ individual autonomy, what drives them to create, and their desire to proclaim in a collective setting that, “we are here.” This exhibition also explores the concept that ideas, customs, and objects can travel between cultures, and identities are often layered. Quinlan Visual Arts Center 514 Green Street, NE Gainesville , GA 30501

Participating Artists: Jorge Arcos Alexi Torres Alexis Mendoza Gaby Sylva Dora Lopez Pedro Fuertes Yehimi Cambron Catalina Gomez-Beuth Jesus Nodarse Marisa Cerban Maria Fernanda Lairet Carolina Rojas Franklin Delgado Franck de las Mercedes Paula Reynaldi Rigo Peralta Maria Sarmiento

Morgan Lugo Luis Ardila Lisette Morel Alex Fdez Fernandez Carlos Solis Melvin Toledo

Pablo Caviedes Angela Bortone