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20 International Contemporary Artists Join Forces to Beautify Highbridge Park's Fort George Hill Trails in Upper Manhattan A fence displaying over 20 massive, 7x9 feet original paintings is currently on Public Viewing at Fort George Hill, just steps from the Dyckman train station.  Titled "For the Love of Art: An Appropriated Intentions Exhibition” The collective appropriated a public space where works hang on a vacant fence after being painted on repurposed advertising banners. 20 Artists joined to contribute the community of Upper Manhattan with a public outdoor gallery space, giving the public the opportunity to enjoy art up close and personal, while keeping social distance. 


WHAT:For the Love of Art: An Appropriated Intentions Exhibition 


WHEN:Now Open to The Public 


WHERE: Fort George HillDyckman Street Train Station 1 Line(Turn right and go uphill upon exiting the station) 


ARTISTS: Nelson Álvarez, Diego Anaya, Ed Andrade, Pablo Caviedes, Franck de las MercedesWildriana del Jesús Paulino, Darwin Erazo, Alex “Fdez” Fernández, Julia JustoCarlos Jesús Martínez Domínguez-FEEGZ, Ricardo Llano, Rafaela Luna, Paola MartínezAlexis Mendoza, Yani Monzón, Naivy Pérez, Yumarlis Rodríguez, Moses Ros,Luis Stephenberg, José Luis Tejeda 



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The Enlightened by Franck de las Mercedes