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"The way we harm the earth affects all people, and how we treat one another is
reflected in how we treat the earth".

Francesca Arcilesi Fine Art is pleased to present
Running on Empty
on Wednesday, July 14th
from 6-9 PM at 119 West 25th Street
between 6th and 7th avenue.

Running on Empty is a group show including works that convey meanings of Reduction,
Reuse, Recycle, Respect, Repair, Reflect and Responsibility. The works focus on many
natural processes that are violated by greed and mass consumption, challenging the viewer
to rethink and reflect on their personal role in society.

Featured Artists:
Jon Allen
Vincent Arcilesi
Robert Attanasio
Inna Babaeva
Chris Becker
Sarah Bielicky
Alex Callender
Jamie Ellen Davis
Kate Goyette
Max Greis
Jordan Hollender
Jim Isherwood
Jun'ichirö Ishida
Franck de Las Mercedes
Caspar Henselmann
Jurg Lanzrein
Hyo Jeong Nam
Lori Nelson
Roger Laux Nelson
Rob de Oude
Jeffrey Allen Price
Martin Ries
Jeffrey Rothstein
Adam Taye
Ben Shambaugh
Jesse Scaturro
Scott Sjobakken
Emanuele Simonelli
Erik von Ploennies
Steve Zolin

The works range from lush green landscapes to the other extreme, war-themed paintings
and sculptures, stressing the brutality and gun violence as an articulation of power, fulfilling
government and corporate concerns. A desire to preserve the beauty of the world is juxtaposed
with the devastation to the earth and mankind.