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New paintings by
Franck de las Mercedes
October 2nd to October 31st, 2019

Opening Reception: October 3rd, 2019
Time: 6:00 – 9:00 PM
240 E 153rd St, The Bronx, NY 10451

New York -- BxArts Factory is pleased to invite you to the opening reception of Bronx Studies, new paintings by our artist-in-residence Franck de las Mercedes. The exhibition is comprised of 15 works of art and is the result of weeks of examining the Bronx as subject-matter. From the street corner, to a garden and a simple fence, the rich cultural diversity of the borough is reflected in each canvas.

De las Mercedes finds influence from looking at how life behaves around him, with broken street signs, graffiti murals and street art often informing his use of color - sometimes complex and vibrant, sometimes limited to two or three pigments. It’s a visual constellation, a strict adherence to observable fact that suggests De las Mercedes falls outside the boundaries of the rules of art, yet his brushwork and technique embody the most advanced aspects of contemporary painting.

Franck de las Mercedes (FdlM) (born 1972 in Masaya, Nicaragua), is an artist who lives and works in New York City. Franck's experience as a child in war-torn Nicaragua, the visual clash of New York's graffiti and an interest in the abstract expressionism movement played a major role in his evolution as a visual artist. With a self-obtained education, straight from the aisles of the Mid-Manhattan Public Library, Franck de las Mercedes has emerged as one of the country's most prolific artists in recent years. Incorporating elements of photography, drawings, journal pages and text art, Franck creates frenetic paintings with energetic abstractions bursting with color. FdlM draws inspiration from his New York backdrop and the effect that time and the elements have on urban surfaces. Referencing past experiences, trauma and family relationships in real life and literature, he creates psychologically-charged imagery.
BxArts Factory is a grassroots, 501c3, non-profit organization that connects Bronx-based artist and community, in experiences, events and opportunities for connection, community development and healing. We assist affiliated artists to engage and advance the Arts in communities throughout the borough via a diverse set of arts-oriented programming and services. Through collaborations with local artists and community-based organizations, we offer dynamic arts programming that incorporates education and showcase a variety of art genres. The BxArts Factory provides unique and engaging experiences to advance the Arts and cultural education in the Bronx.