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Cordially inviting friends in the Miami area to a summer show at The Directed Art Modern Gallery. Hope you can join us and please tell your Miami friends!   The DAM Art Gallery - Miami from July 11 – 30
Μονόχρωμος (Monokhromos)
Opening Reception: Thursday, July 11, 6:00 – 9:00 pm

The DAM Gallery
350 NE 75th St
Miami FL 33138

On July 11, The Directed Art Modern will transform its gallery space into a living newspaper with their new exhibition Μονόχρωμος (Monokhromos). From the Greek word "Monokhromos" the show will feature black and white, and monochromatic work from artists Franck de las Mercedes, B.L. Jesseph and Rob Anderson.   In this exhibit, New York artist Franck de las Mercedes debuts a new series that explores the contrast between childhood memories of war-torn Nicaragua, and present day cultural context, to create hauntingly beautiful scenes of an urban landscape.Painting with both his non-dominant hand and dominant hand, De las Mercedes switches back and forth from an adult perspective, to one of innocence, reinforcing a child-like quality that not only honors heroes and victims  but also emphasize a child’s inability to understand, articulate and accept the harsh and often contrary world around him,  juxtaposed with the experience of adulthood.
Known for his multifaceted body of work and public art projects, De las Mercedes has silenced the vibrant use of color often associated with his large scale abstracts to question how we address the suffering of others and illuminate the resiliency of the human spirit.   zfmq_FDLMDAMINVITESOLO.png   ARTWORK FEATURE IN ARTNET:  My painting "Posinegative Arrangement" now hanging in Miami for the show was a shout out and inspired by my grandmother's kitting and craftswomanship, It was selected by Artnet today to represent my gallery in their "Featured Artworks in the Gallery Network" artnet newsletter and being viewed by millions around the world. She would be most proud and humbled. Many thanks to Melanie Prapopoulos and team at The Directed Art Modern for their hard work continued support and encouragement. zfmq_artnetfeatureCopy--1.jpg     zfmq_20190701.png