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  Perhaps in art sometimes you need the setbacks, negative discouraging words, the fears and the criticism that emerges around your self-expression – In order to have something to be brave about. I’m amazed how much I continue to grow and learn a lot about myself through art-making.

  I've been afraid of and failed at many things in life; but in art I just go for it, from the gut.

When making art I'm pretty fearless, and every work resolved is a personal success.  
  I am an artist. I did not choose to be an artist, and there's no doubt in my mind that art chose me, or perhaps life chose art for me; because I was damaged enough for it.

  Life might have steered me into this creative path is because life knew, that unlike any other undertaking in my life, in art I would be fearless.

I'm most honored and grateful to be growing old as an artist. I make no apologies for it.