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Finally completed)! Though my cultural heritage is very evident in this painting, some of the works in the new series have references to religious imagery. This work references  the Black Madonna of Częstochowa in Poland, a representation of what is now also part of my son's heritage from his mother. But a lot of the work is anecdotal and a memoir mostly about my childhood before coming to the US. I'm not really making portraits or depictions of friends and family, but employing images of them to express my interpretation of events past and present.
Maybe the religious references stem from the fight between a Catholic grandfather and Baptist grandmother (husband and wife), to claim my soul.
It  was very palpable in my life as a child. God became something as terrifying as the war. I eventually practiced both faiths, mostly out of fear and a longing to be part of something or find a father, but at some point I had to break free.
Part of the Urbetivism series.