This week I am one of the artists interviewed and photographed by Columbia University’s The Columbia Spectator/The Eye Magazine for this year’s NoMAA Upper Manhattan Art Stroll and Open Studio. The Columbia Spectator it is the oldest continuously operating college news daily, after The Harvard Crimson. Honored to be among such a brilliant group of people representing for uptown. zfmq_columbiau.jpg   I'm also expressing my gratitude to the young journalists of The Columbia Spectator, for giving my art a platform to bring awareness of the humanitarian crisis in Nicaragua and the #sosnicaragua movement. Stay tuned for open studio dates! zfmq_5890224721652540635716053944466027269586944o.jpg   THE AZUL Y BLANCO PROJECT:  New project dedicated to bringing awareness to the crisis in Nicaragua. Entitled “Azul Y Blanco” #YoPintoAzulyBlanco the series of palette knife drawings celebrates the people and culture of Nicaragua. I'm drawing and posting a new drawing each day until May 30, commemorating the Mother’s Day massacre of 2018. The works will remain in my private archive but you can download free digital versions which you can share with others.
One year after revolt, Daniel Ortega continues to oppress, imprison and torture Nicaraguans. The people face increasing authoritarianism. While Ortega, Rosario Murillo and family have grown extremely rich. Nicaragua remains the second-poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. The situation barely makes international headlines, but the murderous dictatorship continues to oppress the people, while the resistance lives, and the struggle continues. The project is a tribute to the students and the #sosNicaraua movement.

Back to school, this time in a textbook:
I'm most honored and humbled that my creative contribution and mision has been acknowledged by educators for this book, and that my story shares a page with so many admirable Latinos in the USA who have been role models of my own.
"Learning from Latino Role Models: Inspire Students through Biographies, Instructional Activities, and Creative Assignments." by David Campos (Rowman & Littlefield Publishers)
Written by David Campos,the book provides teachers with instructional resources that can be easily used in classroom settings so that they are culturally responsive to their Latino students. The book has two parts: Part I offers 20 sets of activities designed around Latino role models, and aims to help students learn how Latinos offer unique contributions to this nation. zfmq_fdlmrolemodelbook.jpg It is expected that these resources can help Latino schoolchildren find inspiration to realize their own goals. Part Ii offers 20 sets of activities around select picture books that reflect the Latino community and cultural heritage. The activities are designed to help children come to identify with the stories' controlling themes as they address Latino culture, history, values, and experiences. In all, the instructional sets are complete with questions that motivate critical thinking; activity ideas that reinforce the meaning or the intended message of the story; and vocabulary to enhance students' communication skills.
David Campos is Professor of Education at University of the Incarnate Word (San Antonio, TX) where he teaches courses in special education, culturally responsive teaching, and instructional design and delivery. He has written books on LGBT youth, childhood health and wellness, the teaching of writing, and the schooling of Latinos.
NYA Gallery Representation.
 Happy to announce I've joined the the roster of artist represented by NYA gallery - . An Artist-Led Gallery / Platform, New York Art provides gallery exhibitions and an artist studio platform to artists in the New York Art Market, iPhone app and websites NewYorkART•com and The gallery brings national and international residences programs and to provide affordable artist studios in Manhattan to emerging artists looking to broaden their exposure and experiences in the art world and New York. zfmq_fdlmnya.jpg

The CBS "Sunday Morning"
In case you missed it. Click image below to check ot the segment.  zfmq_20180603--1.jpg 

The Free Drawings Project


Continuing his mission to promote peace, hope and understanding through art, Franck de las Mercedes has launched a new art project in which he intends to share art and a positive message with anybody, anywhere in the world, this time through a free drawing.

The "Free Drawings" project intends to create artwork that is inclusive and accessible to all, in an effort to bring awareness to the importance of art in people's lives as a catalyst for empathy and dialogue.

Each piece is an original palette knife drawing signed by the artist and completely free.




One person can receive a free drawing by covering their own S&H (shipping materials and postage).







©Franck de las Mercedes


Thank You! Open Studio

Thanks to all who visited my open studio! Always great to meet new people and greet friends and patrons. The new series was even featured in a cool art and travel blog.   zfmq_201806194--1.png Here's the latest from the series entitled "Four Eves" zfmq_foureveslonuevo1--1.jpg

   The Annual Summer Open Studio Online. For my loyal patrons and collectors. It's that time of year! Click the image below.
  zfmq_201806251--2.png   Talk to you soon!

This week on CBS "Sunday Morning"

Spring is in full bloom, and in New York that means pianos are popping up like wildflowers. Tune in to CBS Sunday Morning,  June 3rd at 9am EST to see the life cycle of a Sing for Hope Piano and participating artists. Check your local listings. zfmq_DeitJHiWAAEreGj.jpg   Open Studio
WHAT:    FdlM Presents "Urbetivism"
WHEN:   Saturday, June 16th, 1-6 PM
WHERE: FdlM Art Studio
               330 Wadsworth Avenue #3G
               New York, NY 10040
Franck will be exhibiting the Urbetivism paintings for the first time at his open studio during "The Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance's 16th annual Uptown Arts Stroll", which takes place every summer in the neighborhoods of Washington Heights. Inwood and West Harlem, NYC. The art stroll showcases the painters, photographers, writers, musicians, sculptors, actors, dancers and filmmakers in Northern Manhattan from May 30 to June 30, 2018. zfmq_OPENSTUDIO--1.png

I'm actually nervous about sharing this with you. It's a look at my new series and works in progress, "Urbetivism". For a while I've been struggling with saying things through my art that I've realized will only be said by breaking from abstraction. zfmq_DSC0011--1.jpg Though I have kept a record of this in the form of studies on paper, I have reached a point where I can no longer ignore this or put away-after each minor attempt.  I've decided it is time I took a break from everything else, and once and for all explored this new way of working, on canvas and with the subjects at hand. zfmq_DSC0043--1.jpgI need to see where it takes me. As you know, the representational has been surfacing in my art for a while, but I think it now needs to lead. I'm calling the series "Urbetivism" or "Urbetivismo" in Spanish, for it's references to Nicaraguan Primitivism fused with my urban style and influences. It's not a definite departure from painting abstraction I don't think. But I have to trust the muse. I'll be sharing some of the studies and works in progress and I do plan on showing some at my upcoming open studio this summer. I am nervously psyched. zfmq_20180430Copy--1.png   COMMON VIEWS
Maggi Peyton Art Gallery at the Borough President of Manhattan's Office May 3rd - May 30th, 2018
Opening Reception:
Thursday May 3rd / 6:00 - 8:00 pm  

Daniel Hauben Dolores Fultado Franck de las Mercedes Frank Guiller Linda Cunningham
Nelson Álvarez Valeri Larko
Curator: Alexis Mendoza

Maggi Peyton Art Gallery
Office of Manhattan Borough President Gale A. Brewer
David Dinkins Municipal Building
1 Centre Street, 19th Floor South
New York, NY 10007

The documentation of city changes and the domestic life has always fascinated artists for generations in the past. From the moment cities start shaping artists often depicted the physical and social realities, as well as the potential emotional disconnect, that can accompany urban density. In recent decades, artistic focus shifted to the ramifications of climate change, localism, relocation and globalization. The exhibition explores our city, New York’s urban representations
“Common Views”, encourage audiences to think about urbanism in a larger context and coincides with collective efforts to enliven and transform our way of living. These efforts and research stand at the center of “Common Views”, an exhibition that brings together artists/New Yorkers from a variety of disciplines and had seen all the transformations. Nelson Álvarez,Franck de las Mercedes, Linda Cunningham, Daniel Hauben, Valeri Larko, Frank Guiller and Dolores Fultado attempt to
decodifide the architectural point of view and the visuality it produces by manipulating the social images and creating new mapping systems in a search for civilian-oriented visual and political imagery. The exhibition explores the new visual strategies generated by the view the city, any city from inside, from above and from within. It underscores the empowering potential of civilian action while questioning the very notion of “democratization.” The exhibition offers alternative strategies for engaging with and obtaining information about local socio-political distribution and the varies ways in the witch the city is changing.
    THE ANNUAL SPRING STUDIO SALE CONTINUES! Each year selected studies from the FdlM artchive are made available for all to collect.
From various series, one of a kind / Certificate of Authenticity will be included.
Works on paper are a terrific entry point for new collectors and patrons looking to add to their collection S&H included in price. Go get 'em!
Enter code: JUS4U to get $10.00 off   zfmq_Screenshot4--1.png   Until next time. Thank you for staying in touch!

Sharing some images of the installation of my portraits of Francisco de Quevedo exhibited in Spain's Museo Municipal - Ayuntamiento de Puertollano.  Exposición “EL HUMOR EN QUEVEDO” 2018

BLOT has been featured in Artsy and selected works are hitting the road as a traveling exhibit in Nicaragua under it's new name "Manchas Literatas."  Curated by DAM, the series includes Nicaraguan greats such as Gioconda Belli, Ruben Dario and Warhol muse Bianca Jagger; as well as personal favorites like Sylvia Plath and Emily Dickinson. Selected print versions of works on view are also available at the Artefacts online gallery.
"Drawing from Ruben Dario and other great literary masters, de las Mercedes in his Blot series, like Dario encourages Modernism, but in an unique sense in that this is Modernism in 2018, and where de las Mercedes is not reacting to 19th century post Colonialism, he is reacting to his own transplanted life, and what one can label as an Urban Modernism of the displaced.  " --The Directed Art Modern   zfmq_FranckdelasMercedesPoetryFestival20   What else is new at the FdlM Studio FRANCKLORE: A digitally created visual memoir of a childhood in Nicaragua, re-shaped by an American upbringing.   zfmq_20180301.png   IN THE STUDIO:   zfmq_DSC0005edited1.jpg   FDLM IN SUPPORT OF SURGEONS OF HOPE:
   zfmq_20180129.png zfmq_201803011.png As always, many thanks for your continued support!

It's been a very busy 2018 so far. I'm very proud to be supporting Surgeons of Hope in their efforts to bring children in Nicaragua life-saving heart surgeries. I'm finishing a new painting titled "Soul of Hope" which I will be donating for their upcoming fundraiser gala in NYC. All proceeds  from the sale will go support their next surgical expedition in Nicaragua this March. I have also pledged to donate proceeds from sales of selected prints and artworks available via eBay Charity to the cause. I invite you to check them out  and learn more about their mission to create a world in which every infant and child with a damaged heart has an equal opportunity to receive life-saving surgery.   zfmq_39894405401b0fe0f8a30b--1.jpg Fellow Artist: Please check out my latest installment of "Fellow Artists" at my blog. I talked with artist Laura Ricciardi about her thought-provoking body of work "Bedda Da Nanna" which deals with beauty, legacy and her maternal grandmother's struggle through dementia.  zfmq_201802012.png Videolog en español: Bueno, el pueblo me lo pidió y aquí finalmente les va el primero. FDLM en español por medido de algo que yo llamo Fragmentos. Sera un video diario el cual tratare de hacer cada dos semanas. Este incluirá reflexiones en mi vida de artista y fragmentos de videos de mi arte y más. Espero les guste y me envíen sus comentarios. zfmq_20180201.png    New series of works on paper: Floret 2018
   zfmq_20180129.png   Until next time. Thank you for staying in touch!