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"Something to Declare"

January 8 – March 20, 2022 Opening Receptoion: January 8, 2022 from 6pm to 8pm at MCMA 30 Atlanta Street, SE Marietta, GA 30060

Something to Declare is a group exhibition featuring over twenty Latin-American artists from across the eastern United States. The exhibition aims to discuss and analyze some of the conditions and circumstances relevant to the artists’ individual autonomy, what drives them to create, and their desire to proclaim in a collective setting that, “we are here.” This exhibition also explores the concept that ideas, customs, and objects can travel between cultures, and identities are often layered. Selected Artists: Jorge Arcos Luis Ardila Jessica Caldas Pablo Caviedes Marisa Cerbán Alexi Torres Franck de las Mercedes Franklin Delgado Pedro Fuertes Catalina Gomez-Beuth María Fernanda Lairet Dora López Morgan Lugo Alexis Mendoza Paula Reynaldi Mario Rigo Peralta Carolina Rojas Maria Sarmiento Carlos Solis Melvin Toledo

When reading about New Materialism, one of the key ingredients seems to be a strong move away from the dependence on traditional, foundational forms of belief. Gone are ideas of a higher power or social structure, and in its place, a melding of varied actions and realities that commingle to create realities more akin to experience outside of the European model that has influenced much of how the Western world thinks and reacts.

Artist Franck de las Mercedes has had to keep a proverbial foot in two identities, being the product of a Nicaraguan birth, and so, not constructed through the Eurocentric model, but growing up in New York, which places him in a cloak that Quetzalcoatl would never imagine. Both of his identities cannot fully come close to offering him, or other immigrants or first- generation citizens, one thing to hold onto that will properly give them the foundation they need to actualize an identity that the surrounding society will tolerate. It is because of a still-present sense of otherness that those like de las Mercedes need to forge their own codex, their own language, and their own path towards a sense of wholeness that satisfies them and, quite possibly, beguiles the community around them.

In his series of Archetypes, de las Mercedes incorporates two contrasting philosophies: that of Jungian archetypes, and spiritual ideas affixed to tarot cards. In so doing, he entwines concepts of science and spirituality, and logic and emotion through his self portraits. This effectively makes him the vessel that both carries and acts on these variances, and at the same time he becomes, in his world, the ideal—the character that embodies not only the characteristics of the two conflicting worlds, but illuminates balance through a fundamental understanding of these dualities.

One result from this commingling is an abundance of energy best found in the artist’s painterly manner, which often seems to mimic an attack on the canvas or the battle of birth. It becomes abundantly clear through the application of paint that not only is this innate to de las Mercedes’ approach, but that in addition to creating his universe on canvas, he recognizes and welcomes energy—a sense of electricity, which is desperately needed for any entity to survive. There is a certain respect for energy in the many floral works and worlds that de las Mercedes scratches out and paints into existence. Interestingly, his interest in bouquets and floral arrangements preclude his archetypical self-research, allowing one to assume that as akin to any Creator, he looks to creation and discovery in the natural world and its struggle into existence. This exhibition of works from de las Mercedes, in effect, becomes a creation myth of the artist born from a being forced to exist in two differing parallels that just will not come together, forcing him to look for an ontological sense of being, which only he can create, interpret, and express. --Melanie Prapopoulos, The CAMP Gallery


November 6–December 31, 2021

Opening Saturday Nov 6th 4-8 pm

The CAMP Gallery

190 Main Street,

Westport, CT 06880

Franck de las Mercedes

An Autumnal Ode to Seasons Past

November 6–December 31, 2021

Opening Reception Nov 6th 4-8 pm



The year began with an online exhibition from de las Mercedes paying homage to the birth and struggle of the Spring, now as we enter into the Winter, we look back at de las Mercedes’ floral works and remember how the year began and look forward to the assuredly of rebirth just a few months away. Drawing on the notion of a certitude in spring growth, this exhibition explores not only the cyclical quality of seasons, but also the artist’s repeated return to the subject. But there is more, and an interesting marriage between his artistic practice and how nature blooms.


Known as an artist that is not the silent painter in a pristine studio, de las Mercedes creates works bursting with both color and energy - unexpected as the artist is more often soft spoken. Not only are his works overflowing with vibrancy, their very making resembles the process of digging and planting as the artist scrapes his paint onto his canvas or paper, often filling his studio with the sounds reminiscent of machines tearing up a surface - this quality likens the process to the unheard sounds and violence of blooming and budding flowers as they break through the bonds of Winter.


For this gallery exhibition de las Mercedes brings forth a literal bouquet of flowers growing everywhere: in pots, on him, floating in the air - and climates in God’s Skull, (2019. Acrylic on Canvas,) which looks back to another skull piece: Human Gold. (2019. Acrylic on Canvas -showing in Gallery B) - both works explore the notion of skulls, and not in any sense from a pop culture obsession, but from what we leave behind - from mass burial sites of unnamed people to nature taking over our remains and breaking us down to truly be from this earth and back to her we will return.


There are many ways that one can approach his skull works, but I choose, with God’s Skull to return to the earlier online exhibition’s thesis that de las Mercedes often serves as a reminder of the cyclical nature of the natural environment and we still today look forward to its nature of repeat and return, and he aids in reminding us, even in the winter months of darkness, that soon all will be bright once again.


Today, still meshed in that nature barren world, we often look to the external and distant to connect with nature, but more often than not, as a visitor. De las Mercedes, in drawing on flowers and their links to releasing imagination from a contrived and ordered world, affords the viewer with freedom - freedom to bring inside nature, without disturbing it, and the freedom to imagine the action involved in the work, freedom to connect to artistic practices founded in yesteryear, freedom to imagine all that is bursting within the work, and the knowledge that all of this is the artist’s intent


Opening Reception Nov 6th 4-8 pm The CAMP Gallery 190 Main Street, Westport, CT 06880

Outside the Lines is a multimedia collection of works curated by Carol Ward that examines the intersection of a person's heritage, their current physical location, and their personality in creating their artwork. The interplay between the past and the present will be explored as artists think about where they came from and where they are now in the fabric of New York City.


Artists Nelson Alvarez, Franck De Las Mercedes, Andrea Arroyo, Felipe Galindo, Brionna Martinez, and Skip Brea present a wide variety of subject matter and media to speak their narratives to the viewer.


EventBrite link for the opening, based on COVID

Outside the Lines Explores the Meaning of Heritage The Show Features New Works by Internationally Recognized Artist Franck de las Mercedes FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 2, 2021 Outside the Lines Consulting is proud to partner with Chashama on a new exhibition in New York City entitled Outside the Lines. Outside the Lines is a multimedia collection of works curated by Carol S. Ward that examines the intersection of a person’s heritage, their current physical location, and their personality in creating their artwork. The interplay between the past and the present will be explored as artists think about where they came from and where they are now in the fabric of New York City.   The concept of heritage is explored through images involving religious beliefs, personal loss and grief, the history of New York City, thoughts on living through the current pandemic and consumer culture.    The exhibition also offers a fresh look at Franck de las Mercedes' new complex and layered series of paintings.
  "My new series of paintings examines the emotional, spiritual, and developmental fractures in family dynamics inflicted by war, trauma, the disintegration of family through migration, and loss. Inviting the viewer to take a critical view at the influence that sociopolitical and cultural issues can have on families." Says Franck   The artist often references his own childhood, history, current events, and pop culture and each work is constructed from an inventory of visual fragments such as: drawings, journal pages, photographs and found ephemera, arranged with bold colors, jagged linework and abstract text patterns.
  Artists Nelson Alvarez, Franck De Las Mercedes, Andrea Arroyo, Felipe Galindo, Brionna Martinez, and Skip Brea present a wide variety of subject matter and media to speak their narratives to the viewer.

Exhibition Opening Reception - March 5th, 2021
21 Greenwich Ave, New York NY Exhibition on View Through March 29th Viewing Hours - Wednesday through Sunday, 12pm-6pm   Images (Courtesy of Outside The Lines Consulting and FdlM Studio)!AtTT_1i9o6gTjNZCAKDTE_pAGFKT8Q?e=UhdVME zfmq_courtesyfranckdelasmercedes.jpg Franck de las Mercedes is an internationally acclaimed contemporary artist from New York City. Born in Nicaragua, Franck's multifaceted body of work is noted for his intense use of color, jagged linework and hieroglyph-like text layered in abstract patterns. Referencing memory, current events, family dynamics and sociopolitical topics, Franck's body of work is a journey into an emotionally charged, multicultural landscape. In 2006, de las Mercedes achieved international recognition with his conceptual art project “The Priority Boxes" or “Peace Boxes.” Created by the artist in an effort to promote peace through participatory art, the project earn him a joint legislative resolution from The New Jersey Senate and General Assembly, honoring the artist for his meritorious record of service, leadership, and commitment in the arts and his community. FdlM’s work has been included in several international exhibitions, including, Queens Museum, BronxArtSpace, The Joan Mitchel Foundation, The Artists Unite MTA Poster Project, The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt New York, The NY Museum of Modern Art’s “Abstract Currents”, BKLYN Designs, Naples Museum of Art, Folklore Museum of Tripotamos Greece, The National College of Ireland, Queens College Art Center Gallery, The 2019 Latin American Triennial of New York,  Sing for Hope Pianos, The 5th Bronx Latin American Art Biennial, The French Institute Alliance Française. and La Fundación Francisco de Quevedo, Ciudad Real, Spain.   


    New York, NY – January 8, 2021 -- The Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural and Educational Center and Teatro LATEA have joined in collaboration with NYU and Univision,to commemorate Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. with eMeLe-K's “Social Reckoning” exhibit. Part of a week-long multidisciplinary virtual festival of streamed events, curators Anderson Pilgrim and Alexis Mendoza, have assembled a group show observing the impact and influence that Dr. King and the Civil Rights Movement had in reshaping the history and cultural heritage of the Americas and the world.  


WHAT: Art Talk with Miguel Trelles and exhibit curators, Alexis Mendoza, and Anderson Pilgrim WHEN:   Tuesday, January 12th, 2021 – 7:00 PM EST

WHERE:   Teatro LATEA Word @    


"Now more than ever we have to unite as artists, as intellectuals, as humans. Our common purpose should be focused on making our society better for all. The "Social Reckoning" exhibit aims to bring attention to the importance and necessity of basic human rights. We welcome the opportunity of presenting art and the artists’ approach to promote Martin Luther King, Jr.’s vision of equality and justice for all, through nonviolence. The exhibition provides a common forum where people have the opportunity to learn and share ideas and experiences with one another.”                                            --Alexis Mendoza, Artist, Writer & Independent Curator  


ABOUT THE EXHIBIT:   Dr. King’s dream, mission and legacy are celebrated through the creative expression of over 22 artists from NY, Latin America and abroad, with works in painting, sculpture, objects, video, drawing, printmaking. The show honors Dr. King’s life and legacy celebrates Afro America’s vast cultural heritage, but also addresses the present social unrest in America and tackles topics like human rights, immigration, and discrimination.     


Streamed events will take place from January 14th to January 19, 2020
For viewing info and other streamed events:  


-Abrazo Interno Gallery: 

Carla Armour, Diogenes Ballester, Tanda Francis, Michael Kelly Williams, Ademola Olugebefola, and TAFA  


-Nelson Tamayo Gallery at Teatro LATEA: 

Nelson Álvarez, Ed Andrade, Diego Anaya Pablo Caviedes, Wildriana de Jesús Paulino, Franck de las Mercedes, Darwin Erazo, Alex “Fdez” Fernández, Julia Justo, Rafaela Luna, Yani Monzón, Naivy Pérez, Moses Ros, and José Luis Tejeda  







This year the project will be further enriched by special Univision initiative "Comienza en Casa" campaign. On the 52nd anniversary of his death, the spirit, the commitment, and the dynamism of Martin Luther King Jr. are needed more than ever. Inspired cultural experiences can demonstrate to diverse communities how we are all more similar than not. In that spirit, we present “Social Reckoning” for eMeLe-K @ Teatro LATEA, a visual arts exhibition taking place at Nelson Tamayo Gallery (LATEA) and the Abrazo Interno Gallery of the Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural and Educational Center at 107 Suffolk Street on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

20 International Contemporary Artists Join Forces to Beautify Highbridge Park's Fort George Hill Trails in Upper Manhattan A fence displaying over 20 massive, 7x9 feet original paintings is currently on Public Viewing at Fort George Hill, just steps from the Dyckman train station.  Titled "For the Love of Art: An Appropriated Intentions Exhibition” The collective appropriated a public space where works hang on a vacant fence after being painted on repurposed advertising banners. 20 Artists joined to contribute the community of Upper Manhattan with a public outdoor gallery space, giving the public the opportunity to enjoy art up close and personal, while keeping social distance. 


WHAT:For the Love of Art: An Appropriated Intentions Exhibition 


WHEN:Now Open to The Public 


WHERE: Fort George HillDyckman Street Train Station 1 Line(Turn right and go uphill upon exiting the station) 


ARTISTS: Nelson Álvarez, Diego Anaya, Ed Andrade, Pablo Caviedes, Franck de las MercedesWildriana del Jesús Paulino, Darwin Erazo, Alex “Fdez” Fernández, Julia JustoCarlos Jesús Martínez Domínguez-FEEGZ, Ricardo Llano, Rafaela Luna, Paola MartínezAlexis Mendoza, Yani Monzón, Naivy Pérez, Yumarlis Rodríguez, Moses Ros,Luis Stephenberg, José Luis Tejeda 



Slide Show!AtTT_1i9o6gTjJY2ffbLgTxdxGo3tw?e=w7TKsc 

The Enlightened by Franck de las Mercedes

RECEPTION: Saturday, Aug.29 / 6PM
Inwood Hill Park  - New York, NY 10034

Participating ARTISTS:
- Nelson Álvarez

-Pablo Caviedes

- Darwin Erazo

- Alex “Fdez” Fernández

- Julia Justo

- Ricardo Llanos

-Alexis Mendoza

-Franck de las Mercedes

-Naivy Pérez

- Amy Ponce

-Yali Romagoza

-Moses Ros

- Daniel Sánchez

- Luis Stephenberg

- Ed Vasquez

- Ching Wen Tsai

*Especial urban intervention #CAJAARTE,

organized by the New York Latin American Art Triennial.



The exhibition is focusing on the appropriation of a public space, occupied the empty walls of vacant space. The artists must create for a site-specific exhibition, freely express ideas, and present their creations to the public. More importantly the intention of this project is to create awareness of the appropriation of this land by the colonial investors and the displacement of the original natives habitants of this area, this park, these tunnels. By organizing this exhibition, we as artists are symbolically recognizing that this land it’s not our. The artworks presented are exploring the current issues in our society, but also expressed the ephemeral character that the artworks proposed. It’s like artists are sacrificing their works, they are becoming offering to the land. The exhibition includes perishable and temporary art, artworks that are going to be taken by nature or consume by the passage of time. The exhibition also expressed the idea that each artist is contributing to collective discourse instead of an individual point of view.


History tells us that in May of 1626, Dutch West India Company representatives Peter Minuit met with local Lenape Native Americans to purchase the rights to the island of Manhattan for the value of 60 guilders. We don’t know who signed the deal with Minuit, but it could have been the Canarsees, who didn’t have much of a footprint in Manhattan, rather than the Weckquaesgeeks, who lived north of the Dutch on the island. The exact value of 60 guilders in modern dollars is irrelevant – the transaction itself involved a useful but not particularly pricey set of European tools.


“Appropriated Intentions”, calls for open dialogue, a discussion about the roll of art in history. The tunnels present themselves as empty arch walls and brute flooring dominating exterior balance of the space. Admittedly, it would have been easy – and somewhat unscientific – to present an exhibition on the appropriation of space as a hodgepodge of squatting and hippie camp sites. Instead, the organizers of the project invited the creative minds of local artists and adopted the work-with-what-you-can-find attitude of squatters, but applied it in a slightly different way to the space, presenting painting, photography, drawing, sculpture, installation and video in the conventional setting but in a space that it’s not designed to hold an art exhibition.





Exposición Virtual:

La Noche Larga de Museos de La Paz, Bolivia Presenta
  Estamos Aquí Sin Dejar de Estar Allá

El Reconocido Pintor Nicaragüense Franck de las Mercedes Presenta Nueva Obra En Nueva Exposición Virtual

 Mayo, 2020 -- La Noche Larga de Museos de La Paz, Bolivia - El gobierno municipal de La Paz, DCH Fine Arts en conjunción con la Trienal de Arte Latinoamericano de Nueva York realizan una exhibición virtual para la XIV Noche Larga de Museos. Titulada “Estamos Aquí Sin Dejar de Estar Allá” el evento hace referencia al concepto del espacio que ha cambiado las percepciones de la humanidad en las últimas semanas en la era del Covid-19.  Sus curadores, Dante Chumacero y Ezequiel Taveras se dieron a la tarea de seleccionar artistas internacionales a presentar obras, tours virtuales desde sus talleres, al igual que charlas con el publico.   “Estamos lejos y distanciados, pero acercándonos todos más que nunca. La modalidad virtual permitirá a nuestro evento mostrarnos desde todas partes en tiempo real, esperandoalcanzar a un público diverso de todas las edades que pueda descubrir el trabajo de nuestrostalentosos artistas.” Dice el curador Dante Chumacero  




El internacionalmente reconocido artista plástico Franck de las Mercedes estará presentando un tour virtual de su nueva serie de pinturas “Espacio Negativo” desde Nueva York el viernes 22 de mayo de 10:10 a 11:20 pm EST. La transmisión del evento se realizará a través de a siguiente página de Facebook:  


En esta exposición, el artista neoyorquino de origen nicaragüense  Franck de las Mercedes, estrena una nueva serie que explora el contraste entre la historia, la vida cotidiana antes del Coronavirus, y el contexto cultural actual que lo llevaron a crear escenas inquietantemente obras en un panorama urbano.  Reconocido internacionalmente por su multifacética y prolífica trayectoria y proyectos de arte público, su obra captura un vibrante uso del color el cual aborda el sufrimiento de los demás ycelebra la resiliencia del espíritu humano.    XIV Noche Larga de Museos se lleva acabo del 18 al 23 de mayo del presente de 18:00 a 00:00. Esta versión será íntegramente virtual debido a la llegada del Covid-19.