“Progressive Transition” The New York Latin American Art Triennial 2019

Considered one of the most important visual art events to emerge in the New York City art scene, the New York Latin American Art Triennial 2019 will celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with the participation of over 100 Latino artists from the US, Mexico, The Caribbean, Central and South America.


Queens College Art Center Presents Works
By Participating Artists:

Franck de las Mercedes, Naivy Pérez, Francheska Alcantara, Diogenes Ballester, Humberto Figueroa, Blanka Amezkua, Marcos Dimas, Gustavo Alfredo Larsen, Juan Manuel EspinozaYsla, Rafael Rodriguez, Rene Maynez and Diego Anaya


September 19th–November 5th 2019

  Opening Reception:

Thursday, September 19th 2019 6-8 PM


    This event aims to motivate and challenge the contemporary global art community to discover and take a closer look at the important work by these artists. The NY Latin American Art Triennial exhibits will be open to the public during the months of September throughout December 2019.

The Rosenthal Library Clock Tower
153-49 Reeves Ave.
Flushing NY 11367



The Peace Boxes Workshop by Franck de las Mercedes.

Hosted by BxArts Factory

Thursday, September 26, 2019 at 6 PM – 8 PM (limited capacity event)
240 E 153rd St,

The Bronx, NY 10451


 We always expect something of value to come in a box, but what if the box was empty yet contained something symbolic with a positive, challenging or inspiring message. The boxes were an experiment in an effort to provoke thought and ask people to reconsider their ability to influence change. I wanted to create dialogue, so I started sending seemingly empty painted boxes to anyone. They've traveled the globe, became a teaching tool in classrooms, entered galleries, museums, libraries and even lit up the iconic LED screens of Times Square, The main idea behind the project was to promote peace while making art accessible to people from all walks of life. Join us to learn more about Peace Boxes and create your own.


Color Speaks Truth: A Solo Exhibition of Works by Franck De Las Mercedes

September 25th - December 8th, 2019

Opening Reception:

Saturday, September 28th 6pm-8pm

One Rriver Larchmont
2081 Boston Post Road
Larchmont, NY 10538
The show is curated by Art Historian and Museum Consultant, Carol Ward. The exhibition will be open to the public from September 25, to December 8th, 2019.



Studio 13 Gallery at BxArts Factory Presents An Artist in Residence Exhibition:

"Bronx Studies" Works by AIR Artist Franck de las Mercedes


On view from October 2 to October 31, 2019

Artists Reception- Thursday, October 3 from 6 to 9 pm
240 E 153rd St, The Bronx, NY 10451
Phone: (646) 820-1449
Gallery Hours:
Thursdays - 6:30 to 8:30
Sundays - Noon to 3 pm
Free Admission
Open to the Public  Art will be for Sale



I am honored to share the news that I've been selected as recipient of an Artistic Residency by BxArts Factory. The 3-month residency started on July 8th, in their Bronx studio where I'm working on a community-based body of work for an exhibit at the end of the residency program. Also making a comeback during my stay will be the Peace Boxes, which I will be painting and bringing as workshops. This is already an enriching experience and I thank BxArts Factory's board, founders and staff for the opportunity. Please be sure to connect with me on my IG to follow my progress. zfmq_20190717120506.jpg     After a highly attended opening night, followed by great public interest, The Directed Art Modern has extended the exhibition Monokhromos. Through the month of August. The show was an amazing experience; I got to see old friends and meet new people in the arts.  Here's a link to the entire body of work I created for the exhibit on the gallery's Artnet page. Enjoy! The DAM Gallery
350 NE 75th St
Miami FL 33138
zfmq_ResizedIMG3938.jpeg   Join us on Saturday, August 10th, 3-6pm for BXarts Factory's 1st BLOCK pARTy! This is to celebrate all that they’ve accomplished in their new space in the Melrose community. I've been invited to conduct a Peace Boxes workshop and paint boxes with the community in front of their studios/office located at 240 E 153rd, in The Bronx. Come take over the block with family and friends and enjoy a day of music, art, games, poetry and performances for the whole family to enjoy! This is a FREE event and we hope to see you there! zfmq_6740356323141413053495465527053040806264832o.jpg   It's my great pleasure to announce my first solo show in New York with One River School of Art + Design Gallery in Larchmont, NY. The show will be curated by Art Historian and Museum Consultant, Carol Ward. The exhibition will be up September 23rd to December 8th, 2019, featuring paintings from different series in my body of work. More details will follow as we install the exhibit. zfmq_LARCHMONTWEB.png     Talk to you all soon! Be well.     ADD FDLM TO YOUR COLLECTION zfmq_THESHOP.jpg

Cordially inviting friends in the Miami area to a summer show at The Directed Art Modern Gallery. Hope you can join us and please tell your Miami friends!   The DAM Art Gallery - Miami from July 11 – 30
Μονόχρωμος (Monokhromos)
Opening Reception: Thursday, July 11, 6:00 – 9:00 pm

The DAM Gallery
350 NE 75th St
Miami FL 33138

On July 11, The Directed Art Modern will transform its gallery space into a living newspaper with their new exhibition Μονόχρωμος (Monokhromos). From the Greek word "Monokhromos" the show will feature black and white, and monochromatic work from artists Franck de las Mercedes, B.L. Jesseph and Rob Anderson.   In this exhibit, New York artist Franck de las Mercedes debuts a new series that explores the contrast between childhood memories of war-torn Nicaragua, and present day cultural context, to create hauntingly beautiful scenes of an urban landscape.Painting with both his non-dominant hand and dominant hand, De las Mercedes switches back and forth from an adult perspective, to one of innocence, reinforcing a child-like quality that not only honors heroes and victims  but also emphasize a child’s inability to understand, articulate and accept the harsh and often contrary world around him,  juxtaposed with the experience of adulthood.
Known for his multifaceted body of work and public art projects, De las Mercedes has silenced the vibrant use of color often associated with his large scale abstracts to question how we address the suffering of others and illuminate the resiliency of the human spirit.   zfmq_FDLMDAMINVITESOLO.png   ARTWORK FEATURE IN ARTNET:  My painting "Posinegative Arrangement" now hanging in Miami for the show was a shout out and inspired by my grandmother's kitting and craftswomanship, It was selected by Artnet today to represent my gallery in their "Featured Artworks in the Gallery Network" artnet newsletter and being viewed by millions around the world. She would be most proud and humbled. Many thanks to Melanie Prapopoulos and team at The Directed Art Modern for their hard work continued support and encouragement. zfmq_artnetfeatureCopy--1.jpg     zfmq_20190701.png

Inviting people in the NYC metropolitan area:   NoMAA's 2019 Upper Manhattan Art Stroll/Open Studio
Franck de las Mercedes Open Studio Will Feature New Series of Artwork
WHAT:    FdlM Open Studio
WHEN:   Saturday, June 8th, 1-6 PM
WHERE: FdlM Art Studio
               330 Wadsworth Avenue #3G
               New York, NY 10040

Franck will be exhibiting as part of "The Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance's 2019 annual Uptown Arts Stroll", a month long celebration
that takes place every summer in the neighborhoods of Washington Heights. Inwood and West Harlem, NYC. The art stroll showcases the
painters, photographers, writers, musicians, sculptors, actors, dancers and filmmakers in Northern Manhattan. The 2019 Uptown Arts Stroll full guide and open studio map is available here: https://www.artstroll.com/   zfmq_OPENSTUDIOVIP.jpg     EL GUARDABARRANCO AT THE EDGE HOTEL NYC:  Currently showing through June 30 at the Edge Hotel
My painting #sosNicaragua Prohibido Callar - 2019 GO SEE IT!

Edge Hotel

www.edgehotelnyc.com 514 W 168th St, New York, NY 10032  Part of The NoMAA Uptown Arts Stroll
Over 300 events and exhibitions in the month ahead. 
www.artstroll.com/exhibitions/ zfmq_201906032.png
  MIAMI! SAVE THE DATE: Miami Opening @ The Directed Art Modern 7/11/2019  6-9 PM Details to follow soon!  

 This week I am one of the artists interviewed and photographed by Columbia University’s The Columbia Spectator/The Eye Magazine for this year’s NoMAA Upper Manhattan Art Stroll and Open Studio. The Columbia Spectator it is the oldest continuously operating college news daily, after The Harvard Crimson. Honored to be among such a brilliant group of people representing for uptown. zfmq_columbiau.jpg   I'm also expressing my gratitude to the young journalists of The Columbia Spectator, for giving my art a platform to bring awareness of the humanitarian crisis in Nicaragua and the #sosnicaragua movement. Stay tuned for open studio dates! zfmq_5890224721652540635716053944466027269586944o.jpg   THE AZUL Y BLANCO PROJECT:  New project dedicated to bringing awareness to the crisis in Nicaragua. Entitled “Azul Y Blanco” #YoPintoAzulyBlanco the series of palette knife drawings celebrates the people and culture of Nicaragua. I'm drawing and posting a new drawing each day until May 30, commemorating the Mother’s Day massacre of 2018. The works will remain in my private archive but you can download free digital versions which you can share with others.
One year after revolt, Daniel Ortega continues to oppress, imprison and torture Nicaraguans. The people face increasing authoritarianism. While Ortega, Rosario Murillo and family have grown extremely rich. Nicaragua remains the second-poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. The situation barely makes international headlines, but the murderous dictatorship continues to oppress the people, while the resistance lives, and the struggle continues. The project is a tribute to the students and the #sosNicaraua movement.

Back to school, this time in a textbook:
I'm most honored and humbled that my creative contribution and mision has been acknowledged by educators for this book, and that my story shares a page with so many admirable Latinos in the USA who have been role models of my own.
"Learning from Latino Role Models: Inspire Students through Biographies, Instructional Activities, and Creative Assignments." by David Campos (Rowman & Littlefield Publishers)
Written by David Campos,the book provides teachers with instructional resources that can be easily used in classroom settings so that they are culturally responsive to their Latino students. The book has two parts: Part I offers 20 sets of activities designed around Latino role models, and aims to help students learn how Latinos offer unique contributions to this nation. zfmq_fdlmrolemodelbook.jpg It is expected that these resources can help Latino schoolchildren find inspiration to realize their own goals. Part Ii offers 20 sets of activities around select picture books that reflect the Latino community and cultural heritage. The activities are designed to help children come to identify with the stories' controlling themes as they address Latino culture, history, values, and experiences. In all, the instructional sets are complete with questions that motivate critical thinking; activity ideas that reinforce the meaning or the intended message of the story; and vocabulary to enhance students' communication skills.
David Campos is Professor of Education at University of the Incarnate Word (San Antonio, TX) where he teaches courses in special education, culturally responsive teaching, and instructional design and delivery. He has written books on LGBT youth, childhood health and wellness, the teaching of writing, and the schooling of Latinos.
NYA Gallery Representation.
 Happy to announce I've joined the the roster of artist represented by NYA gallery - NewYorkART.com . An Artist-Led Gallery / Platform, New York Art provides gallery exhibitions and an artist studio platform to artists in the New York Art Market, iPhone app and websites NewYorkART•com and 1stdibs.com. The gallery brings national and international residences programs and to provide affordable artist studios in Manhattan to emerging artists looking to broaden their exposure and experiences in the art world and New York. zfmq_fdlmnya.jpg

El Brish - 2018
Acrylic on canvas
18" x 30"
1985! Shortly after landing in Newark Airport and finally reuniting with our mother after three traumatic years, we arrived in NYC via the GW Bridge. We were immediately informed (and reminded from there on-every time we crossed it), that it was the bridge where Johnny Weissmuller (AKA Tarzan) had performed his famous dive. Later in life I found out it was actually the Brooklyn Bridge Johnny had jumped from. But Hollywood wasn't across that bridge back then and the Charles Bronson's Death Wish set could never recreate what parts of the our new neighborhood looked like. We had escaped a war zone and had arrived to a different type of war zone. But it was America, people were different and had swagger. It was loud and despite their struggles, people were literally dancing on the street. There was a new kind of warmth; it was all beautiful and we were all survivors after a dream.